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732 Manzanita Drive
Laguna Beach, CA 92651-1962

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Driving Directions

  • You generally enter Laguna Beach via Laguna Canyon Road from (I-405) in Irvine or from the south or north via the Pacific Coast Highway.
  • From the intersection of Laguna Canyon Road and the Pacific Coast Highway head south to the 4th signal which is Legion Street.
  • Turn left on Legion (heading inland from the coast) and proceed to the second stop sign where Legion ends at Park Ave.
  • Proceed up hill on Park one short block which is Manzanita Drive (the High School will be on your right). Turn left on Manzanita.
  • The Cottages are the 3rd property on the left. The address is not readily apparent, but you'll know the site from the old wooden garage doors with the archway in the center between the two potted orange trees.
  • Pull car forward into a parking space and be sure to set the brake. (You'll know why when you get there.)
  • Proceed through the wooden gates and down the steps into cottage courtyard.

Note: The addresses of the cottages are 732, 734, 736, and 738 Manzanita. These numbers are painted on the wooden gate on the front of the property.

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